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Rabbit Family - The Fruity & Refined range

From the heart of Languedoc, delicate & fruity wines


Sauvignon Blanc

Spring Rabbit is a white wine made of 100% sauvignon blanc. It is aromatic, fresh, fruity, and should be consumed young. This white wine will pair perfectly with fish and sea food, white meat or light cheese. To drink fresh between 8-12°C.

Grenache & Syrah

This rosé Pink Rabbit is made of a blend of 2 typical red grapes from the region which are grenache (70%) and syrah (30%). This wine is floral, fruity, light, easy to drink, refreshing, and perfect for summer time. Good for appetizer, with bbq and fish or for dessert. To consume fresh 8-12°C.

charming rabbit BAT-04.jpg

Cabernet Sauvignon

Mr. Rabbit is made of 100% cabernet sauvignon. With a beautiful red garnet color, this wine reveals aromas of black fruits, such as gooseberry and sweet spices. It is well-balanced with some nice tannins and some aromas of pepper. Will pair with red meat, cheese and bbq. To enjoy at 16-18°C.


Our Charming Rabbit is a chardonnay 100% that has some nice pear aromas mixed with slight almond smell, followed by a touch of vanilla. Refreshing, with a good acidity, and long-lasting finish. This wine is elegant and charming! To be drunk at 10-12°C with fish, sea food and light cheese.



Master Rabbit is made of 100% syrah red grape. This beautiful wine develops some black fruit notes, such as blackberry and blackcurrant, then some black pepper aromas and a touch of spice. A perfect match with smoked Gouda, lamb, and any dishes with a spicy kick. To be consumed at 16-18°C.

Pinot Noir

Mrs. Rabbit is an elegant pinot noir (100%), with a beautiful light ruby-red color, and nice aromas of red fruit such as strawberry, raspberry and some black currant. The tannins are soft and silky, velvety. To enjoy with a boeuf bourguignon, red meat, cheese at 15-17°C.


Petit Verdot

Dirty Rabbit is made of the unique grape variety petit verdot. It has a dark-red color, with some aromas of black fruits like black currant and blackberries. It is powerfull, with elegant tannins, and develops some mushroom and leather aromas after a few hours. To be consumed with roasted meat, pork, game or cheese at 16-18°C.


Elegant Rabbit is 100% merlot, one of the world’s most popular red grape. Known for its soft, sensual texture and approchable style, it’s made from red-skinned grapes. Velvety and plummy, very fruity wine with aromas of black and red cherry, blackberry, blueberry. To be consumed at 16-18°C with red meat, poultry or cheese.

nature rabbit BAT-04.jpg

Syrah Viognier

Nature Rabbit is a very special wine, a blend of viognier 5% (which is a white grape), with syrah 95% (red grape) which makes it unique! Fruity with some floral and aromatic notes provided by the viognier, this is a typical blend from the North of Rhône Valley, but made in Languedoc! This wine has some honey and red fruit aromas, black pepper and sligh spices, perfect with poultry. To be consumed at 15-17°C. Very limited quantity produced.

Grenache Noir

The Strong Rabbit is made of grenache noir 100% and usually around 14% alcohol (depending on the vintage). This grenache exhibits sweet, ripe red fruit flavors, with some violet-like floral scent. It becomes more concentrated, balancing the fruit with herbal and animal notes after a few hours decanter. To be consumed with grilled meat at 16-18°C.

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The Languedoc Rabbit Family range

Learn more about the production of our Rabbit wines

Since 2012, FSP has been producing some of the finest wines in the South of France. We’re passionate about serving our clientele with the great taste and quality they’ve come to expect. With a wide variety of signature products like Rabbit Family, catering to all budgets, we’re the perfect option for your upcoming event, party, or a quiet evening at home.

Our wine come from the most beautiful terroir of Languedoc, where the vineyards are carefully maintained for generations, with the utmost respect of nature, using non-polluting products, and environment-friendly production process.

In order to ensure the highest quality standards, our grapes are lovingly tended from the start of the growing season, and treated carefully so as to prevent bruising. Our production equipment is top-of-the-line, and all of our bottles are made from environmentally-friendly glass (Ecova). The carton boxes and cork we use is recyclable. 
The climate in Languedoc is very sunny and hot during summer, dry but punctuated with irregular rains. It is therefore Mediterranean type but undergoes a real maritime influence. The soil is composed of rolled pebbles, which allows to store the heat of the sun during the day to restore it at night. These pebbles also permit rainwater to infiltrate the groundwater that will feed the vine during the dry season. The mistral (hot wind) ends up accompanying the development of the vine by cleaning up the grapes and eliminating moisture. Our Mediterranean climate permits to avoid a lot of treatments of the vines and to preserve the nature and its faune, such as the rabbit.


Rabbit Family - The Powerful & Subtle range

Harvest at perfect maturity, ageing in oak for 9 to 12 months


Syrah 15%

Cool Rabbit is made of 100% syrah that has been carefully cultivated and rigourously selected and picked by hand. The wine has undergone strict technical control during all the fermentation and vinification process. This syrah has black fruits aromas and nice spicy notes with a long and deep fruity finish. It has been aged for 9 months in American oak, and presents some nice vanilla flavor on the finish. To be drunk at 16-18°C. with red meat, lamb or poultry.


Merlot 15%

Diva Rabbit is made of 100% merlot, that has been carefully cultivated and rigourously selected and picked by hand. The wine has undergone strict technical control during all the fermentation and vinification process. It has some black fruit smell such as black cherries and blackberries with a hint of spice and smoky aroma. This merlot is full bodied and highly concentrated, with a long and elegant toasted finish due to the 12 months ageing in French oak. To be consumed with roasted meat, game, cheese, at 16-18°C.


Cabernet Sauvignon 15%

Naughty Rabbit is made of 100% cabernet sauvignon, that has been carefully cultivated and rigourously selected and picked by hand. It develops some fruity aromas such as blackberries and a hint of green pepper, followed by some leather and mushroom, with elegant tannins. This well-balanced wine has been aged 12 months in a mix of French and American oak, and has a long lasting finish with notes of vanilla and roasted. This cabernet sauvignon will pair with a beef tenderloin, duck, cheese and we recommend to consume it at 16-18°C.

The full bodied Rabbit Family wines

What is so special and different about those 3 Rabbits?

Time is the key to do a full bodied and concentrated wine. The right timing for harvesting is an art! Deciding when the grapes should be picked up, at perfect maturity, requires a lot of know-how and a perfect understanding of the vineyards, terroir and local climate. We offer some premium mono varietal selection, highly concentrated and with often a high level of alcohol reaching 15,5%, due to the hot weather and concentration of sugar in the grape. It is in a way a "late harvest" but we would prefer to call it a harvest at perfect maturity. Based on that high quality juice, very fruity and concentrated, we can then work on the vinification process. Long maceration of the fruit with the skin, fermentation takes place in the tank with the skin, then the juice is stored in controlled-temperature vats with punching down (pigeage) and pumping over (remontage) process for a few days, to extract the color and aroma. After that we age each wine for 9 to 12 months in French or American oak, depending on each kind of grape and vintage.
Made with high quality grapes harveted by hand at perfect maturity, and followed by a long ageing in oak, this is a premium and full bodied wine range, great match with red meat, game or cheese.

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