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About Our Winery

Our estate is family owned since 1780 and located in the South of France, partly in Rhône Valley and also in the Languedoc region. The cultivation of the vine, the vinification, the raising of the wine and the bottling are carried with a lot of care by our family since generations.
Our estate is composed of 50 hectares with classification of IGP and AOP. Our main grape are syrah, grenache, merlot, chardonnay. We also raise more unique grapes such as petit verdot, pinot noir or viognier.
The climate is very sunny and hot during summer, dry but punctuated with irregular rains. It is therefore Mediterranean type but undergoes a real maritime influence. The soil is composed of rolled pebbles, which allows to store the heat of the sun during the day to restore it at night. These pebbles also allow rainwater to infiltrate the groundwater that will feed the vine during the dry season. The mistral ends up accompanying the development of the vine by cleaning up the grappes. Our Mediterranean climate permits to avoid a lot of treatments of the vines and to preserve the nature and its faune, such as the rabbit.

About Our Region: the Languedoc


This regional IGP covers a very large geographical area spanning from Nîmes to Perpignan and Carcassonne in Languedoc. It is also one of the central pillars of French wine production and exports. Indeed, it provides almost 20% of total French wine exports, representing 65% of French IGP production.
The general style of the wines follows typical Languedoc red and rosé: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, Syrah, Grenache and Pinot Noir. The style also follows usual Languedoc whites, like Chardonnay, Sauvignon Blanc, and Grenache Blanc or Viognier. Reds are typically of a deeper color, contain more jammy fruit flavors, and possess a full-bodied roundness. They’re generally to be enjoyed in their hardy youth. Whites also tend to be rounder, marked by lightly spiced fruit and a nice freshness that requires an early consumption to be fully appreciated. Rosé are fruity and delicate, and in the line of the Provence that leads the trend, our rosé is light color and easy to drink, refreshing and perfect for aperitif, bbq and fish.


Our Vinyeards and Terroir


The Harvest

This is one the most beautiful period of the year, the moment when you can finally feel the fruit of your hard work, and collect the result of an entire year of efforts, taking care of the vines as your children. This is also a joyful event, when we can share with our team and with our friends that help to collect the grapes. A moment of great harmony and happiness!


Our grapes and characteristics

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Our Team

Wine-maker, oenologist, production manager and production team, sales team, marketing team, back office... 

There is a lot of work from the vineyards to the finished bottle, and from the winery in France to reach the table of the final consumer wherever in the world. You need a strong team and sharing the same values and passion to make it happen! 
Our final objective is quality and tipicity, in order to enjoy a nice French wine, for any occasion. Cheers !

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