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The Rabbit Wine Family by FSP France

Why the Rabbit ?

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Our wine mades out of the most beautiful terroir of Languedoc, where the vineyards are carefully maintained for generations by our family, with the utmost respect of nature, using non-polluting products. All the vineyard is exploited using sustainable agriculture standards since years.
The rabbit, emblematic of our field, is omnipresent in our vineyards and we strive to preserve each species of fauna and flora.
The sunlight exposure rate is around 2500 hours and the Mediterranean climate brings to our wine a beautiful concentration.
The mistral eliminates the excess moisture in the vineyard, while preserving the vines from cryptogamic diseases and rids of parasitic insects.
Our unique grapes variety which are rarely found in the region, makes it a distinctive and special wine range. This wine is representative of our terroir and will be a great discovery for wine connoisseurs as much as for wine lovers.
It will bring you a simple, natural and sincere pleasure.


Discover our Rabbit Family members

Like any family, that of our Rabbits is made up of several generations, couples, urban or country people, all with different style!
Our Rabbits have the same roots and are grown under the sun of South of France, but each of them has different temper, color, smell, and its own tipicity that evolved with ageing. 
And you, which Rabbit are you ? Adopt them and taste their differences!

Spring rabbit-04.png
charming rabbit BAT 20190128-02.png
Mr Rabbit bat-04.png
diva rabbit BAT -04.png

Nature Rabbit

Charming Rabbit

Mr. Rabbit

Diva Rabbit

Naughty rabbit BAT-04.png
dirty rabbit 202104-04.png
elegant rabbit bat-04.png
Master Rabbit bat-04.png

Naughty Rabbit

Dirty Rabbit

Elegant Rabbit

Master Rabbit

strong rabbit bat-05.png
Mrs Rabbit bat-04.png
cool rabbit BAT-04.png
pink rabbit bat 2-04.png

Strong Rabbit

Mrs. Rabbit

Cool Rabbit

Pink Rabbit

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